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Seen On My GenZe: Charged and Caffeinated

Living in Portland offers some great food and beverage perks. From craft beer to fantastic food, virtually every neighborhood is a microcosm of artisanal consumables. My personal favorite indulgence is coffee. The coffee community has been thriving since the early nineties, and Portland was at the forefront of third wave coffee roasting. On a sunny March day I took my GenZe 2.0 out to visit some of my favorite cafes.

I started in the NW at Sterling Coffee on NW 21st Avenue. Coffee shop by day and wine bar by night, Sterling keeps it classy with the best-dressed baristas in town. Their Blendo Stupendo is fantastic, but if you want to keep it classy yourself, order an espresso—it comes in a Glencairn glass for the ultimate experience. While I was here, I took the opportunity to charge my GenZe 2.0 battery. Since it’s removable and plugs into any outlet, I was able to get a decent charge while I sat and enjoyed my coffee.

After a quick shot down W Burnside over to SW Oak, the vibe is a bit more transactional at Courier coffee, but the coffee is up to snuff. Courier is committed to roasting excellent coffee in as green a way possible. Roasting in a house off SE Hawthorne, all coffee is packed in recyclable bags or jars and moved around the city exclusively by bike. Some would say it’s that commitment that makes the coffee taste so good! Parking out front was a breeze with my GenZe 2.0.

courier coffee

Over the Hawthorne Bridge brought me to Coava on SE Grand and Main. Coava shares a large space with Bamboo Revolution’s showroom, a sustainable furniture and flooring company. Coava features its craft roasts with a daily selection of pour-overs, that you may have seen a famous comedian enjoying recently. Coava is conveniently right across from the GenZe Experience Center at 1235 SE Grand, so after you grab that pour-over, come by and test ride a 2.0 for your own adventure!

Enjoy the ride!

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