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Seen On My GenZe: Cruising to Mt. Tabor

Up in Portland, we are loving our new storefront location on the corner of SE Grand and Main. To celebrate, I decided to go for a ride on one of our e-bikes—from our new digs all the way to Mt. Tabor! The ride was fantastic, and I got to hit some of my favorite spots on the way to one of the best parks in the city.

Here’s a breakdown of my ride so you can replicate:

From the GenZe store, head south on 7th Ave towards Division. You’ll cruise through part of the Central Eastside Industrial District, an area populated with warehouses that have more recently been converted into restaurants, coffee shops and creative workspaces. Hang a left on Division for a brief ride next to the train tracks, and stop off at 1001 SE Division to check out one of Portland’s finest gems: the Independent Publishing Resource Center. This is a printmaker’s mecca—full of silk screening resources, a hefty letterpress facility, and a beautiful place to work or spend the afternoon. Lock your bike outside to peruse the meticulously catalogued collection of 9,000 zines.

After the IPRC, go east on Division. Two blocks south is SE Clinton Street, my personal favorite hamlet of shops and restaurants. Peek into Clinton Street Records, a tiny hallway of a shop with a great selection of well-kept vinyl. Hopefully you’ve got a bike with a basket!

If you’re hungry, leave your bike and hop across the street to Dot’s Café for some lunch. Dot’s is a Portland establishment, a glam dive bar complete with dim lighting, deep red leather booths, and funky décor. It’s a bit dark in the middle of the day, but I think this adds to the feeling of being transported back to the Portland of 20 years ago.

The ride from here is one of the most pleasant ways to see the residential side of classic Portland. Head north to SE Lincoln St, and cruise further east for a few miles. This quiet street is occupied by old craftsman homes with colorful shingles, fences made of recycled materials (sometimes even bike parts!) and beautiful oak trees.

You’ll start seeing signs for Mt. Tabor from here. Your e-bike was made for climbing the steep and windy paths in this inter-city dormant VOLCANO! Bike up to the top to see the cinder cone that is partially cut away (it was used to pave the roads in the park).

If you go all the way through the park, you’ll end up on SE Belmont St. Then if you don’t feel like riding all the way back, you can put your e-bike on the number 15 bus, which will take you right back to the GenZe store!

If you want to try out a GenZe e-bike and take our cruise to Mt. Tabor, you can rent one from our Portland Experience Center. Reserve yours here now! 

Enjoy the ride!


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