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Shared Mobility Programs Reshape Urban Life

It seems like no matter where you go, folks are talking about shared mobility programs. But the real question is, what exactly are these shared programs and how do they work? We know folks have a lot of questions, so we’ve put together a blog that gives you the ins and outs of share programs, how they work, and how they’re going to revolutionize the way we get around.

What Are ‘Shared Mobility Programs’?

To put it simply, shared mobility programs are transportation services that are shared among users. These include: public transportation, car share, bikeshare, taxis, scooter share, ride share, and ride sourcing. While each program may differ in how it’s operated, their goal is the same, to get people where they need to go while eliminating the number of privately owned vehicles on the road.

What’s the Buzz About?

In recent years, shared mobility programs have seen an astronomical increase in popularity. A big reason for this is as more people move to cities, the more these cities need to account for their citizen’s transportation needs. Share programs are designed to let people address their mobility needs in a wide variety of ways. Going to meet friends? Why not take a bike! Need to get across town quickly? A scooter is a fast and fun way to go. The more transportation options that cities offer to their residents, the less folks will need to rely on their own personally owned transportation.

Good for You, Good for The Environment

Another reason shared mobility programs have seen a jump in popularity is because of an increased awareness of issues surrounding the environment and then need for sustainable modes of transportation. Cities are doing this is through the implementation of electric vehicles in share programs as well as developing robust bikeshare programs. These green modes of getting around have the benefit of cutting harmful emissions making city air safer for everyone.

See for Yourself

Shared mobility programs are beautiful in their simplicity – folks need to get around and shared mobility is the perfect solution. These programs keep transportation costs affordable, cut down on urban congestion, and are a far more sustainable way to get around. You can learn more by visiting the Shared Use Mobility Center or read about some programs in practice through Scoot and Ford GoBike!

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