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The GenZe 200 Series e-Bike Gets a New Look

Here at GenZe, we never fear change, be it designing new products or tweaking an already great one. Which is why we’re proud to introduce you to the all-new black and white 200 Series e-Bikes! These sleek e-Bikes may look different, but they’ve got all the features that you’ve come to love. Read on to learn more about how these sophisticated two-wheelers are going to change the way you get around.

Quiet Sophistication

The all-new solid black or white 200 Series e-Bikes are the last word in quiet elegance. The solid color frames have a sophisticated look that can take you on your commute in style, and the are able to withstand adventures, while still looking great. After all, who says being fashionable can’t be practical?

Stand Out Features

While we’ve changed the color of our 200 Series e-Bikes, we didn’t touch the features that our riders have come to love. Each e-Bike is equipped with a removable battery that lets you charge where you want, and, as a bonus, keeps your ride less appealing to would-be thieves. Each e-Bike is beautifully engineered with a solid aluminum frame and quality components, so you know that it’ll be on the road for a long time.

Get Connected

In addition to a great new look and trusted features, these e-Bikes come with a cutting-edge companion app that lets you take your ride to the next level. The app allows you to track your rides, monitor battery life, track your exertion levels, and so much more. You can even build your GenZe community by sharing your ride stats with your friends – what could be better!

With a great new look, practical design, and innovative connectivity, the 200 Series e-Bike is the prefect way to get around. So get ready to enjoy style and substance all in the same package! Get your ride started today by clicking here.

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