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The Global Action Climate Summit Brings Great Ideas to San Francisco

The spotlight is on San Francisco this week as the momentous Global Climate Action Summit begins. Poised at the halfway mark between the 2015 and 2020 Paris Agreement, this landmark Summit will act as a launchpad to energize dialog and action among individuals, businesses, cities, and countries to help achieve the goals set forth by the agreement.

The GCAS Key Challenges

To accomplish their objectives, the Global Climate Action Summit, or GCAS, has been broken into six key challenges. These include Land and Ocean Stewardship, Transformative Climate Investments, Cross Cutting Challenges, Sustainable Communities, Inclusive Economic Growth, and Healthy Energy Systems.

Attendees can expect comprehensive dialog and discussion addressing various facets of each challenge. For example, the Healthy Energy Systems challenge will highlight zero emission transportation systems in communities. Attendees will learn about the demand for clean energy and the exciting new announcements in the clean energy revolution during Thursday’s Thematic Dialog, “Healthy Energy Systems – Our Clean and Renewable Future.”

The Sustainable Communities challenge focuses on the need to shift towards clean and equitable energy and mobility. Attendees will learn how through adopting zero-emission transportation, climate progress can be advanced in communities, and support healthy people and places. This will be explored further in the Zero Emission Transportation Revolution panel.

Our Commitment and Involvement

As a proud member of the Mahindra Group, our company was founded on the principals being a force for positive change. We practice this commitment to be a positive force by devoting ourselves to making personal sustainable transportation options accessible to all. Because of this, we have proudly partnered with GCAS to bring the City of San Francisco a “Free Ride Day” this Thursday, September 13. The “Free Ride Day” will give San Francisco residents and visitors access to unlimited free 30-minute rides on all Scoots and Ford GoBikes for the entire day. Through this partnership, we’ll also be offering free rides on all Ford GoBikes and Scoots for the duration of the Summit to all attendees. You can learn more about it here.

From GCAS and Beyond

The goal of the Global Climate Action Summit is to inspire individuals, businesses, cities, and countries to propel themselves to meet the goals set by the Paris Agreement. Anand Mahindra, Chairman of the Mahindra Group and Co-Chair of GCAS, has taken the Agreement commitments to the next level by challenging all companies across the world to commit to set science-based targets so that they’re in accord with the Agreement. Challenges such as this will ensure that that momentum of the Global Climate Action Summit are felt well beyond this week’s landmark event.

Affirming and adhering to the standards set by the Paris Agreement are critical on the individual, business, citywide, and national levels, and as we approach the halfway mark it is crucial that we maintain the momentum that first propelled us. The Global Climate Action Summit is a key way for industry and government leaders to ensure these commitments are upheld. The Summit encourages everyone to #StepUp2018 and be a part of the movement towards positive climate action, and we can’t wait to see the dialog and results that come from it.

To learn more about the Global Climate Action Summit, please click here. To learn more about Anand Mahindra’s challenge to the business world, click here. To get more information on San Francisco’s September 13 “Free Ride Day,” please visit this link.

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