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The Ultimate 2017 GenZe Gift Guide

We know there’s a GenZe product that’s perfect for everyone on your list. From your techie brother to your green-living aunt, we here at GenZe have got your back in the gift giving department.

For the Commuter: the 202 e-Bike (close runner up, the GenZe 2.0f e-Scooter)

Commuting is no fun, and everyone knows the struggle to get to and from work is real. We all have someone in our lives who does a daily battle with traffic jams, crowded public transportation, or the never-ending search for parking. This holiday season, help that person rewrite the script on how they get to and from work with the 201 Series e-Bike! This all-electric e-Bike comes with a handy companion app that lets the commuter in your life plan their routes so they can coast past gridlock (sweat free!) with a smile on their face. The GenZe 2.0f, with its big back bay and zippy handling is a very close runner-up!

For the Eco Explorer: the GenZe 2.0s e-Scooter

Making a positive impact on the environment is a goal that everyone should strive towards, and for those green-minded folks in your life, we’ve got just the thing. Our incredible 2.0s e-Scooter is an emission-free, making it an incredible tool to significantly reduce carbon footprints while cutting back none of the fun. The 2.0s companion app lets your adventurer know just how much good they are doing by letting them see how many emissions and miles per gallon they’ve saved! So give the 2.0s and know that the lucky person who gets it will have all of great fun that comes with exploring life on two wheels and the peace of mind to know they are doing their part to make the air better.

For the Urban Adventurer: the GenZe 2.0f e-Scooter

Urban living is great! Big cities offer museums, shops, concerts, and endless delicious new spots to check out. The downside of big city life is the constant threat of theft, and that can be a serious bummer. GenZe has taken all these issues into account and created an electric scooter that lets the city dweller in your life stay ahead of thieves. Armed with a GPS tracking system and geofencing capabilities, the 2.0f electric scooter companion app notifies you the instant it detects the scooter has been moved, or has traveled beyond the boundaries you’ve set for it. The locking back bay cover keeps your things safe, and the locking center stand means your city mouse knows their ride will always be waiting where they left it. That’s the kind of peace of mind that lets them ride happy.

For the Fit (and Aspiring-To-Be-Fit) Friend: The GenZe 201 e-Bike

For the person whose planning on making 2018 their fitness bucket list, the GenZe 201 Series e-Bike is a great way to get there! The GenZe e-Bike will let them accomplish their fitness goals, at their speed. With three ride modes, your healthy loved one can use the e-Bike as a standard bike, or they can use one of the five ride modes for a little extra boost when they need it. The 201 electric bikes comes with a smart companion app that allows the rider to monitor the exertion they put into each and every ride, so they can feel pumped about seeing their progress. Getting in shape has never been so fun, or easy, with the GenZe e-Bike!

We hope this guide has helped you come up with some ideas for presents that will make your loved ones’ smile. Enjoy the ride!

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