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Vintage Shopping On The GenZe 2.0

I have a confession to make: I love shopping. More specifically, I absolutely am obsessed with vintage shopping. 1960s shift dresses, mid-century ceramics, old records, and all kinds of shoes – I love them all! It’s undeniable, the Bay Area is a perfect place for vintage lovers–and my 2.0 is my perfect shopping expedition date!

One of my favorite vintage shops is Mercy Vintage on Piedmont Avenue. Located just a few doors down from the new GenZe Experience Center, Mercy is filled to the brim with higher end vintage clothes, beautiful shoes, and fun accessories. Owned by two Bay Area natives, the shop is a treasure trove of fabulous fashion. I went recently and was immediately drawn to Mercy’s amazing shoe selection. My “must have” pile grew and grew. I use to feel like I spent too much money on shoes, but since my GenZe 2.0 entered my life, I no longer spend money on gas. Which means I totally have enough money to hit another store!

With a bevy of pretty new shoes, I decided that I needed some cute new dresses to go along with them. I hopped on my 2.0 and quickly buzzed down College Avenue to visit Pretty Penny. Pretty Penny is an amazing shop with a great story. Starting as a monthly store in owner Sarah Dunbar’s apartment, its popularity grew so much that her home could no longer contain her finds, or thrift seekers. So she decided to take the bull by the horns and open Pretty Penny. I cannot say enough good things about this amazing shop. However, I also cannot say enough bad things about parking on College Avenue. In the days before my scooter, this alone was enough to keep me from visiting the store, but now with my 2.0 parking is easier than deciding between items I want to buy!

Armed with the shoes and the dresses, the next stop was obviously accessory city! As many people know, there is no better place to pick up purses, scarves, belts and whatever else you can think of at Berkeley’s own Mars Mercantile. Located close to UC Berkeley’s campus, the only word to describe the traffic congestion is awful. But once again, my trusty e-scooter is there to save the day again! The GenZe 2.0 meets California requirements to legally drive in the bike lane. What does this mean? Good bye road rage and hello smooth sailing!

After a long day of shopping, the spacious back bay of my 2.0 was filled with bags brimming with cute and funky finds. I had a massive smile on my face – I was able to buy all sorts of cute new clothes with the money I have saved on gas and I didn’t have to deal with the stress of parking or traffic thanks to my electric scooter. Who could ask for anything more?

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