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Week 1 of the Lloyd E-Fleet Pilot Program

We’re one week into the Lloyd E-Fleet pilot program, and one week closer to our current goal: taking over Portland’s Lloyd District with E-bikes!

As far as Portland neighborhoods go, the Lloyd District is an anomaly. Previously, Lloyd has been primarily a business district in the middle of residential and mixed-use neighborhoods. The district is home to a number of large entities including government, healthcare and utility associations. This means that Lloyd has for the most part been an area where nearly 15k people commuted in and out daily. As a result, traffic congestion has been a common grievance in the neighborhood.

As Portland is evolving, so is Lloyd. Recently, eight new residential developments have opened in the area. As the Lloyd District transitions into a residential neighborhood, it is imperative to plan for alternative transportation options. The seed was planted in 2015, when GenZe partnered with Lloyd EcoDistrict (LED) to encourage 12 businesses to experiment with using an e-bike as a company fleet vehicle (read more in our blog about it here). The E-Bike Challenge was a success, and we got so much positive feedback from the employees that we decided to look deeper into how we could use our product to contribute to Portland’s transportation needs!

As a community development organization concerned with uniting businesses and residents on a wide range of sustainability related practices, Lloyd EcoDistrict (LED) along with Go Lloyd, are the perfect partners for this endeavor. We recruited four entities in the Lloyd District to agree to a three week pilot program, using e-bikes as their fleet vehicles for getting in, out and around the district during the work day. The idea is to contribute to the health of the district as it develops by adding an additional transportation option to the portfolio of existing options, encouraging more people to get on bikes, and reduce car congestion.

Employees at the Kaiser Permanente Building and Bonneville Power Association are currently in their first week of the trial program—GenZe delivered e-bikes to the eager organizers within the company on April 25th and the bikes have been met with enthusiasm. “So far it’s going great! [We’ve] had a lot of people come in to give them a try,” said Corey Breitbach of the BPA transportation office.

The next cohort of pilot participants will include PacifiCorp, American Assets Trust, and Kaiser Permanente West Side Medical Center. We’ll keep you updated on how things are going with the second round of the pilot launch, so stay tuned!

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