The ultimate delivery vehicle.

GenZe e-Bikes and e-Scooters are the perfect solution between a car and a bicycle.

GenZe gets couriers and their goods around faster.

Get Around Twice as Fast

  • Outsmart traffic and fit through narrow spaces cars can’t
  • Breeze up hills and find parking with no sweat
  • Carry more stuff with our customizable cargo accessories

Recharge On The Go

  • Snap the battery in and out for easy charging and security
  • Plug into any standard outlet for a boost on the fly
  • Charge your phone while you ride

Stay Connected 24/7

  • Riders connect through the GenZe companion app for personalized settings
  • Monitor performance, range, diagnostics, and more remotely

e-Scooters for Deliveries:

  • More deliveries at lower cost per mile than a car
  • More efficient than a car in traffic/ parking
  • Fast, comfortable, connected and secure
  • Modular BackBay configurations can hold pizza boxes, keep goods hot or cold, accommodate 3rd party accessory options, and more

e-Bikes for Deliveries

  • Make more deliveries than with a normal bicycle
  • Couriers can be at any fitness level--less tiring than a normal bicycle
  • Perfect for hilly locations
  • Cheaper and more efficient than cars to navigate traffic & parking

Ready to transform your delivery fleet?

See how connected electric personal transportation can enhance your business.