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All GenZe e-Scooters and our new 200 series e-Bikes have companion apps to enhance your ride.

Monitor battery/range performance, run diagnostics, plan routes to avoid gridlock, and more.

Plus unique features such as:


Measure your effort vs. the electric motor


Track and disable remotely, and receive unauthorized movement alerts

Check battery level and available range

Plan routes that avoid gridlock

Run diagnostics and schedule service

Control security to prevent theft (electric scooter only)

Track your usage and riding history

Frequently asked questions

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Can a GenZe e-Bike or e-Scooter be adapted easily for handling small cargo?

Yes, either vehicle can have an optional provision in the rear for attaching and securing a carrier bag or box. […]

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How is the battery charge managed on vehicles?

With our current technology, a technician can be assigned to track the vehicle locations (using GPS) and battery charge through […]

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Can the fleet e-Bikes and e-Scooters be tracked and secured easily?

The GenZe e-Scooter can be equipped with a sophisticated electronic locking system, GPS tracking, and the ability to disable the […]

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