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    Zero Compromises

    It’s all about you. It’s time to take control of your personal transportation, and revolutionize your life.

    Go places untethered, empowered, and without compromise for you or the planet. No waiting in traffic, no gas stations, no emissions, no noise, no stress.

    Our engineers created electric bikes and electric scooters that are recognized among the industry’s top innovations in the world. Not only are they stylish, they are designed for simplicity, safety and security.

    The durable batteries are removable and rechargeable at any standard outlet. No need to find a special charging station. No range anxiety.

    The smooth yet powerful acceleration helps keep up with or even safely pass cars. The multiple ride modes allow you to control your power, range, and ride experience.

    The e-Scooter was designed to provide plenty of extra storage space, enough for several grocery bags and helmets.

    The e-Scooter’s clean, quiet ride offers peace and serenity. Our e-Bikes’ electric motors will climb higher and take you further with no sweat. Be moved, with zero compromises.

    Zero Compromises

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    All Access

    Simply make your life better. Our electric bikes and scooters provide transportation everyone can enjoy, irrespective of age, health or fitness.

    They can travel in bike lanes, fit through narrow spaces that cars cannot, and give you the freedom to take you places you hadn’t thought possible. Finding parking is easy and often in the front row.

    Our Smartphone app and connected telematics system allows you to monitor your e-Scooter’s performance, disable it remotely from anywhere if it’s stolen, and GPS locate it immediately. Security solved.

    Our Bluetooth connected app also works with our 200 series e-Bikes so you can view range and battery life, plan routes, and measure exertion while riding.

    While our products are at a much lower price point than other EVs, we have financing options available to accommodate every budget. You can own an EV for as little as $1 a day, and not have to own a house or live near a charging station to juice up.

    All Access

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    Built for the Future

    Wired Magazine called our products “relentlessly practical” – and it’s one of our all-time favorite compliments. Each aspect of our e-bike and e-scooter was designed with a purpose.

    We started by building our products here in the United States, so we could control the supply chain. We then made sure our products could do what cars do when it comes to running errands, commuting and getting around town.

    Our e-Bikes have a throttle mode, so you can coast to the office or dinner without breaking a sweat. Our electric scooters have a massive back storage area so you can carry everything you need with you.

    Then there’s our focus on connectivity and technology. Our electric scooters are all fully connected, with a companion app so you can check on your ride 24/7. And with our launch of the 200 series e-Bikes, our bikes are now connected as well. Both provide access to route planning, diagnostics, battery life, theft prevention and more. Think of it as your personal transportation device.

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    Take the 7-Mile Pledge

    Most of our daily trips are less than seven miles from home. You could call it our personal seven-mile island. It’s where we go out, shop, eat, drink, and pursue our interests and hobbies. Think about your seven-mile island, and how much of your life you spend there.

    When traveling alone within our seven-mile island, most of us use our cars. But we don’t have to. Switching to personal, one-seat transportation is faster, more economical, and will revolutionize your life. It’s something that is good for you, your neighborhood, and the environment.

    Our seven-mile pledge is a commitment to use personal transportation within our island whenever we can. It’s a daily choice you can feel good about and goes a long way. If everyone takes care of their own seven-mile island, the world will win.

    Less cars on the road mean less traffic congestion. Fewer emissions in the air ensures a healthier environment for you and your family. And you can park easier, avoid gas stations, and enjoy car perks (like storage and on-the-go device charging) with the fun, thrill, and personal advantage that only 2 wheels can provide.

    So take the 7-mile pledge. Drive something small, and be part of something big.

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    Find Your Fit

    There are a few factors to consider when choosing the ride that’s right for you.

    For daily trips within your 7-mile island, both the e-Bike and e-Scooter will get you around quickly and conveniently. If cargo is an important factor to these daily journeys, the e-Scooter is your best bet.

    For getting to and from public transportation, either product is a perfect car replacement, and will save you the headache of finding parking.

    For taking your ride with you on public transportation, our e-Bike is the way to go. e-Bikes are bike-lane and public transit friendly, so you can take them on board with you, and have a fun and efficient means of transportation when you arrive at your destination. GenZe e-Bikes also come with a convenient walk-mode, to give you a boost up stairs and steep inclines.

    For daily commuting, think about your local infrastructure. If there is a strong network of bike lanes and you’re more comfortable on a bike, go with the e-Bike. If you need to go a bit faster and keep seeing motorcycle/scooter parking spots pop up, try the e-scooter. If you’re indecisive, and both sound like fun, get both.

    Get to know a few of our riders, and see how they use our e-Bikes and e-Scooters in our blog.

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    Join the Revolution

    The clean transportation movement is advancing like never before, empowering the future of how we get around. And our vision for the future extends far beyond our consumer products.

    We currently have partnerships with some of the largest on-demand courier companies and are transforming the delivery business in major metropolitan areas across the country. Our products are being used on Fortune 100 corporate campuses to optimize employees’ personal transportation experience. We are revolutionizing local tourism businesses and hotel transportation. And we’re just getting started.

    We have also invested heavily in large-scale e-Bike and e-Scooter share programs. At about the same cost as public transportation, these personal transportation programs offer riders unmatched access, convenience, and speed – so everyone can quickly get where they’re going with no compromises.

    Hundreds of our e-Scooters are currently deployed in San Francisco through our partnership with Scoot Networks, reshaping the transit habits of one of the most progressive and creative cities in the world.

    Future citywide programs will integrate both the e-Bikes and e-Scooters, allowing for multi-modal transportation options for every type of trip and ride experience.

I am having fun. No more excuses not to ride. I look forward to it!”

Greg, e-Bike rider

“As a car-less young professional, this bike has been a great solution. I just moved out to a large city and this has changed EVERYTHING!”

Danny, San Francisco, CA

“ I recommended for anyone who has trouble riding a regular 10-speed or 15-speed bike. I am 57 and haven’t rode a bike for many years.”

Gerald, Portland, OR

“The epitome of efficiency. The GenZe e-Bike rests on the intersection of technological progress and aesthetic ingenuity.”

Gordon, Miami, FL

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