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Theft Prevention on the GenZe 2.0

GenZe owners are hands down some of the best people out there. Every single one of them seems to be fun, caring, and loving life–not a bad group to fall into. Recently one of our customers came to our attention, and on top of meeting all normal customer criteria, he also secretly might be the Batman of scooters. Now, we aren’t endorsing our customers to become crime-fighting superheroes, but some stories are just too good not to tell.

Wayne Patanian has been a happy GenZe owner since March. He lives in SOMA and works managing properties all over the city. Quick and easy to park, the 2.0 is a perfect way for Wayne to get from location to location with as little drama as possible. However, one night, disaster struck! Wayne returned home from a busy day of work and left his scooter locked in front of his house. He had dinner but got caught up in doing work, and forgot to move his 2.0 into the garage.

Wayne was jolted out of sleep at 1:30 AM by a notification from his GenZe app saying that his scooter had been moved. Half asleep and not fully taking in the situation, Wayne started drifting off again until he realized “Wait! It’s 1:30 AM!!!” He quickly ran to his window and saw that his 2.0 was nowhere to be seen! Since he was alerted to its disappearance so early, he knew his scooter could not be too far away, so he immediately called the police and reported the stolen scooter. With adrenaline pumping, Wayne threw some shoes on and quickly ran outside to see if he could locate the scooter himself.

After searching the area around his home, Wayne remembered that the GenZe app has a feature that lets owners track the exact location of their electric scooters. Never having used it before, Wayne wasn’t sure what to expect, but he watched in amazement as a little blue dot slowly moved along his screen. Checking the coordinates, he realized that the 2.0 was about six blocks away. He called the police to let them know he had a location of his scooter and told them (against their warnings) that he was going to go and get it. Wayne took off down the street, hot on the trail of his scooter. Seven blocks later, Wayne was reunited with his scooter. It was hidden under a tarp, invisible to the naked eye. It was unscathed and Wayne happily wheeled it home.

San Francisco is notorious for theft. It seems like if it isn’t nailed down, odds are it’ll be stolen. And while we don’t encourage our customers to put themselves in potentially dangerous situations, we cannot help but feel proud that thanks the 2.0’s innovative alert system and app helped turn what could have been a terrible night, into a happy reunion.

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